We want to make weddings easier

As a professional wedding photographer, I’ve spent most of my weekends over the past 17 years with couples photographing, planning, and managing their wedding day.

I found that for most couples, the biggest problem was their timeline (or lack thereof). I saw this pattern over and over, and it was costing them both emotionally and financially.

Wedding Day Timeline was born from my desire to help couples have the best planning experience possible.

It not only helps reduce stress but also empowers couples to plan for the wedding day experience they want.

Hooman Bahrani
Wedding Day Timeline

Your wedding timeline should be pretty and easy to use.

Timelines only work if they’re simple and easy to use. That’s why our timelines are on one page and split into 3 easy to read sections.

Here are a few other things we believe in:


Planning a wedding is often intimidating. It can be easy to get overwhelmed and feel confused, unsure, annoyed, and stressed.

Wedding Day Timeline will arm you with the knowledge you need to walk into conversations with vendors, venues, – and even your family – knowing exactly what you want.


Your wedding day is all about celebrating a love that is uniquely yours. It should be easy to plan a timeline that reflects that.

Wedding Day Timeline not only includes options that are inclusive to all, but also timelines that reflect your unique needs. We use inclusive language to ensure that everyone involved feels respected and included.


The most important aspect of your wedding is the experience. From the planning, to walking down the aisle, to the last dance. The feelings you will hold onto forever.

Wedding Day Timeline is the document you can use as your North Star to ensure you get the experience, the feelings and the memories that you want.

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3 essential questions that will help you make a professional wedding day timeline that will reduce your stress and save you money.