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When you have a timeline from Wedding Day Timeline, you know exactly when your day will start and end, as well as exactly how long different events are. This is critical to have, not only on your wedding day, but at the beginning of the planning process. So when you interview vendors, not only can you quickly determine if a vendor is a good fit, you’ll also be able to know right away which of their services works best for your wedding.

It will also keep everyone accountable and on time. On your wedding day, parents, your wedding party, and vendors will know when and where they need to be for all events. And because your timeline has realistic event durations, your vendors will have the correct amount of time they need to do their best work for you, without compromising their craft, and more importantly, without having to charge you expensive hourly overtime fees.

Yes! It’s never too late to get a proper timeline in place. We’ve had couples report successfully using our timelines from over a year out to 10 days before their wedding. The sooner you have a timeline in place, the better your planning experience will be!

Possibly! Your wedding planner will love the hours of time you’ll save them when you already have a strong idea of what you want your day to be like. It’s a great starting point for their role in helping plan your wedding. You will also love the ability and control you’ll have to quickly and easily make changes to try different options for your wedding day – anytime you want, within seconds – and not have to wait days or weeks for your planner (who is busy with lots of weddings) to do the calculations and recreate your timeline by hand.

It is a one time payment of $195. Your account is active from the time you sign up through the day of your wedding.

“You get what you pay for” really applies here. Not every wedding is the same, and wedding timeline templates and blogs often make the mistake of assuming this. They often include generic language like “make sure you leave time for sunset photos!” without giving you concrete information like exactly how long you’ll need and where that will fit into your whole day.

Templates also don’t connect the various events on your wedding day together, meaning it’s up to you to figure out when to start an event, how long it lasts, and to make sure those events don’t overlap.

They don’t account for travel time. They don’t include accurate time buffers (or any at all). Templates by nature force you into a generic timeline for your wedding. Instead of asking you what you want, they tell you what you’re going to do on your wedding day.

Instead of trying to shove your vision into someone else’s box, wouldn’t you like to create your timeline based on exactly what you want? Wedding Day Timeline can do that for you.

It depends. If you were planning on hiring a wedding planner, we still suggest you do, as they handle many more logistics than just your wedding timeline. Wedding Day Timeline makes it easier to share your ideal vision with your planner, so they can work their magic to make your wedding day come to life.

However, if you were not planning on hiring a planner, Wedding Day Timeline can take away the stress of having to create your timeline yourself, which makes communicating with all of your vendors much easier. Wedding Day Timeline is a significantly faster and less expensive way to create a timeline than hiring a planner just for that.

No. Vendors will be looking to you for the timeline so they know what your events and how they’re going to do their work for your day.

They’re also going to be able to do their work better, without compromises if they know well in advance what your timeline is. 

You will have the opportunity to adjust your timeline up until your wedding day, so it’s not necessary to have all of your information set in stone when you create your account. However, we suggest obtaining as much information as you possibly can, so you can make other planning decisions based on your timeline, and not the other way around.

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