Beautifully designed timeline

Whether you’re 8 months or 8 days from saying “I do!” your timeline is the guiding light when planning your wedding, and the glue that keeps your big day on time and stress free.

Our easy to read and modern design wraps up all of the details and logistics of your wedding day into a polished & finished timeline that is delightfully shareable.


Edit & Manage your Timeline

Want to move your first dance to after dinner? Just drag & drop. All the times will automatically adjust.

Expect dad to go more than his regulated 5 minutes for toasts? Just click and adjust the duration. We’ll take care of adjusting all the other event times.

Want to have morning yoga for you and the girls? It’s easy, just add a custom event.


Wedding Party & Family

Keep all of your most important people in one place. From their best profile pics to allowing each person a role, or multiple roles, managing your family and wedding party is as easy as a few clicks.


Google Maps integration

We bake Google Maps into your timeline automatically so no matter where you want to get ready, say your “I do’s”, or have your first dance, you’ll know travel and buffer times have already been taken care of.

And when you share your timeline with your wedding party and vendors, we’ll text & email Google Map links to all your locations so no one gets lost.



add & manage wedding vendors

From cake bakers to florists. From photographers to DJs, your vendors will bring your wedding to life. Manage them all, and have them automatically integrated into your timeline documents so everyone can stay connected.