Watch your Wedding Day come to life

Watch our quick demo to see how effortlessly you can organize and fine-tune every detail of your special day. From adjusting events to sharing your timeline, our app makes it easy to plan a seamless celebration.

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Dashboard for easy timeline Management

Easily adjust and personalize every detail of your wedding day. From adding special moments to coordinating start times, our dashboard puts complete control at your fingertips. Perfect for keeping everything on track, so you can focus on enjoying your big day.


Personalize your day with simple edits

Easily adjust times, durations, or names of events, or add and remove milestones as needed. Our intuitive dashboard ensures all changes automatically sync, maintaining a smooth flow throughout your day. It’s all about making your wedding truly your own, effortlessly and accurately.


Google Maps integration

We bake Google Maps into your timeline automatically so no matter where you want to get ready, say your “I do’s”, or have your first dance, you’ll know the travel and buffer times have already been taken care of.
And with live Google Maps links built into your timeline, you can rest confident no one will be late or get lost.


Easily coordinate Wedding Party & Family

Bring everyone together in one spot by adding profiles for your wedding party and family members. Assign roles, personalize with photos, and weave their details into your wedding timeline. This fun and friendly feature keeps you organized and makes your timeline PDF both useful and enjoyable, ensuring everyone knows their part in your big day.


Streamline Vendor Coordination

Add and manage your vendors directly on our platform to keep every detail of your wedding organized. From caterers to photographers, input their contact information and define their roles easily.
With all vendor details neatly compiled in your timeline PDF, coordination becomes effortless, ensuring everyone has the information they need for a perfectly orchestrated day.


Your Wedding, Perfectly Planned and Presented

Complete your timeline planning with style by downloading your custom timeline PDF. More than just a schedule, it’s the master plan of your perfect day—designed just as you envisioned. Detailed with timings and Google Maps links for every location, it’s beautifully organized to keep you in control and ensure your day unfolds smoothly.
Your professional timeline reduces stress by ensuring you, your guests, and vendors are perfectly synchronized, celebrating the day exactly as you planned.