Congratulations, Sarah!

You’ve taken the first step towards a flawlessly orchestrated wedding day. 

Based on your quiz, we’ve glimpsed your vision and are thrilled to reveal a sneak peek of your custom wedding day timeline.

Why Our Timeline Will Transform Your Big Day

Imagine every guest, every vendor, arriving on time, stress-free. That’s the peace of mind our real-time directions bring to your wedding day.

Your wedding day plan, detailed beautifully, ready to share with a click. It’s not just practical; it’s a keepsake, adorned with Google Map links for effortless navigation.

Changes? Additions? No problem. Our web app empowers you to fine-tune your timeline, ensuring every moment reflects your heart’s desire.

From your wedding party to every vendor, manage it all in one place. Simplify your planning, and spend more time savoring the journey.

Plan smarter with our virtual wedding planner

Making your wedding day timeline is one of the most important parts of wedding planning. 

But it’s hard to make a timeline. Couples often have to guess at important questions like what time to start getting ready, when to take photos, or what time should the reception start.

With Wedding Day Timeline you’ll have the confidence knowing the events of your day have been perfectly planned; leaving you free to experience the magic of getting married.   

Here’s how it Works

We learn about you

We guide you through a 5-minute questionnaire about your wedding day. From the where and when of ceremony & reception, to photo options and more, we have you covered.


We build your timeline

We build your minute-by-minute wedding day timeline using an advanced process built by our founder, a professional wedding photographer — so you know it’s done right!


You Manage your wedding

Use the dashboard to customize, personalize, download and share your timeline. Manage your vendors, wedding party and parents; as well as your wedding checklist.


I’ve used my 17 years of experience as a professional wedding photographer to create Wedding Day Timeline so couples can easily have the timeline they need for the wedding they want and deserve.

Hooman Bahrani

Founder, Wedding Day Timeline

The tool you need to be confident, you'll have the wedding you want

Your wedding dashboard gives you complete control of your wedding planning process.

Manage your wedding from the planning dashboard.

Editing your timeline is as easy as drag & drop.

Organize your wedding party, family members and wedding vendors.

Google Maps integration makes sure no one gets lost.

Sharing your timeline is easy, so everyone is in the know.

Send timeline to vendors ➡️

Send save the dates 💕

Schdule cake tasting! 🍰

Frequently asked questions

TLDR: Yes!

If you’re planning a wedding that is more than a few hours, with more than a few people, then yes, you need to plan for all the events of the day. 

That includes where and when hair and make up starts, where and when the wedding party gets dressed, where and when the couple gets dressed, where and when specific photos happen and much more.

There are too many people, with too many events and a lot of expectations (especially from the couple for the day they want) to let things “just happen”. 

When you plan for all the events you want, and share your timeline with the people that need to know, then you’re free to relax, knowing you’ve planned for everything.

Yes and yes!

You will receive a complete wedding day timeline from when you start getting ready until you leave the reception. 

It will include all events, such as: when you start hair & makeup, when everyone gets dressed, when photos are to be taken, the ceremony, cocktail hour, and all the reception events and more.

It will include all travel times between locations (the timeline will have events and times for when you need to leave for the next location in order to be on time).

Sign up for a free account and you’ll be guided through a series of onboarding questions. 

We ask you specific questions about the events and experience you want for your wedding day. It takes about 5 minutes.

Within seconds, your start to finish, minute by minute timeline will be generated.

When you have a timeline from Wedding Day Timeline, you know exactly when your day will start and end, as well as exactly how long different events are.

This is critical to have, not only on your wedding day, but during the planning process.

So when you interview vendors, not only can you quickly determine if a vendor can accommodate your wedding, you’ll also be able to know which package is best for what you’re planning (many vendors price based on hours of service).

On your wedding day, parents, your wedding party, and vendors will know when and where they need to be for all events.

And because your timeline has realistic event durations, your vendors will have the correct amount of time they need to do their best work for you, without compromising their craft, and more importantly, without having to charge you expensive hourly overtime fees.

Wedding Day Timeline is a one time purchase of $39.95.

When you sign up you get a 7 day free trial which gives you access to all the features. 

After the 7 days, your account remains active, but you have limited access to certain features.

“You get what you pay for” really applies here.

No two weddings are the same, and templates are just general guides, leaving couples to “figure it out” and hope they did it right.

Templates often include generic language like “make sure you leave time for sunset photos!” without giving you concrete information like exactly how long you’ll need and where that will fit into your whole day.

Templates also don’t connect the various events on your wedding day together, meaning it’s up to you to figure out when to start an event, how long it lasts, and to make sure those events don’t overlap.

They don’t account for travel time. They don’t include accurate time buffers (or any at all).

Whether you just got engaged or are deep in wedding planning, you can use Wedding Day Timeline to make your wedding planning easier, and your wedding day better.

If you just started planning and you haven’t hired any vendors, it’s the perfect time to start using wedding day timeline. 

Your timeline will give you the power to hire the right vendors for your wedding, and to pick the most cost effective packages. You’ll be able to match vendors to your wedding, rather than trying to match your wedding to your vendors. This will save you a lot of money from potential expensive mistakes. 

If you’re deep in planning, Wedding Day Timeline will be great at reducing the unknown and stress you might be feeling. And most importantly, you will have the right timeline for the wedding day you want. This will ensure your wedding day is easy breezy!

No. Vendors will be looking to you for the timeline so they know what your events and how they’re going to do their work for your day. They’re also going to be able to do their work better, without compromises if they know well in advance what your timeline is.