Effortlessly Create Your Wedding Day Timeline in 5 minutes

We’ll build your “dayof” timeline so you can confidently have the wedding you’ve been dreaming of.

Plan smarter with our Timeline Planning Tool

Feeling overwhelmed with planning the events & times of your wedding day? You’re not alone. Say goodbye to guesswork with Wedding Day Timeline — the first and only tool built by a professional wedding photographer for couples just like you.

Start by taking our quick wedding quiz. We’ll capture the essential details of your celebration, and in moments, craft your comprehensive ‘day-of’ timeline. From getting ready to the ceremony, first dance to last dance, family photos to toasts, we know exactly what events you need, their ideal duration, and the best order for them.

Want to personalize your day further? Add, delete or adjust any event with just a few clicks, and our intelligent system will seamlessly adapt the rest, ensuring your special day unfolds exactly as you’ve dreamed. Enjoy a stress-free wedding, perfectly timed and beautifully orchestrated, from start to finish.

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Here’s how it Works

We learn about you

We guide you through a 5-minute questionnaire about your wedding day. From the where and when of ceremony & reception, to photo options and more, we have you covered.


We build your timeline

We build your minute-by-minute wedding day timeline using advanced AI built by our founder, a professional wedding photographer — so you know it’s done right!


You Manage your wedding

Use the dashboard to personalize, download and share your timeline. You can also manage your vendors, wedding party and parents; as well as your wedding checklist.


Transform Your Wedding Experience

Smart Budgeting

Save time and money from expensive planners just for a timeline, or countless hours trying to use generic templates that leave you with more questions than answers.

Stress Free Wedding Day

Reduce stress by professionally planning for the right events with the right amount of time. You and your guests will enjoy a calmer and happier wedding day experience.

Relaxed and in Control

Feel relaxed and in control when family or vendors suggest changes or ask for wedding day details, you have the answers at your fingertips and can seamlessly integrate new ideas or stick to your original vision—without hassle.

Prevent Costly Mistakes

Avoid overtime and unexpected charges because of a poorly planned wedding day. A smarter plan gives you significant savings and reduced financial surprises.

Enhanced Overall Experience

A professional timeline ensures that everyone experiences the joy and beauty of your wedding day without confusion or rush, making your celebration memorable for all the right reasons.

Improved Vendor Performance

Precise timing and expectations reduce rushed setups and ensure each vendor from photographers to florists has the time they need to excel. When vendors aren’t hurried, their work shines, and so does your wedding!

Transform Your Wedding Experience

Powerful Tools for Perfect Planning

Beautifully designed Timeline with live Google Maps links

Ensure everyone knows exactly where to be and when, effortlessly.

Automatic travel time calculations

Never worry about timing, as our tool adjusts your schedule based on real-time travel data.

Customize timeline event names

Personalize your day to reflect your unique style and preferences.

Easily adjust event times and durations

Flexibility at your fingertips to adapt the day as you see fit

Manage your wedding party, family, and vendors

Keep all your key contacts organized in one place for smooth coordination.

One-time payment, no subscriptions

Enjoy full access to our features with no recurring fees.